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Do I need a will?

Do I Need a Will?Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I have noticed that many people are thinking about preparing a will. I have many friends, often with small children, who have approached me during this uncertain time with questions.  One question I have heard is:...

Why we should avoid Guardianship

Why we should avoid GuardianshipWe often hear about people investing in an estate plan to avoid probate.  We hear less about people undertaking the proper planning to avoid court intervention during life.  If a person loses capacity and has not appointed a...

Guardianship Basics in Wisconsin

Guardianship Basics in WisconsinIn laymen’s terms, a guardianship is when a person (the guardian) is appointed by the court to make decisions or take action on behalf of another person (the ward). In the Wisconsin Statutes, a guardian is defined in Chapter 54 as: A...

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